Salt, Time, Smoke

8 Years and Going Strong at the Salcedo Market

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Salcedo Market

Jaime Velasquez Park between Leviste & Tordesillas Streets

Salcedo Village, Makati

Every Saturday 7am-2pm

BBQ smoke rises on Leviste

I was invited by the organizers of the Salcedo Market to come join them for their 8th anniversary celebration. They had the Manila Dance Foundation performing traditional folk dances and the vendors serving Independence Day foods.

I had a good talk with the ladies of Salcedo and also ran into Anton Diaz and family of Mercato Centrale and Our Awesome Planet.

Frankly it didn’t take a great deal of convincing because I make a point to go there every Saturday. This is where most of my cooking projects begin.

The organizers started the Salcedo Market 8 years ago to bring the community of Salcedo Village together every Saturday. This they accomplished this and much more as the market grew in popularity beyond their expectations.

Now the Salcedo Market is one of the leading places in Manila to go for high quality foods, both raw and prepared, with a focus toward natural and organic, local products.

Since my last post was in excess of 800 words I will spare you my blathering and tell you this story with lots of pretty pictures.

Tuyo and tinapa-dried and/or smoked herring

Salted duck eggs

Lapu lapu, a member of the grouper family, this white-flesh, mild fish is abundant in the waters around the Philippines

They have this neat pony ride but I couldn’t figure out where the coins go

European-style breads, this is what I used for my 40 Pound French Toast

They got crabs!

Ministry of Mushrooms grows and sells awesome local oyster mushrooms

Fresh seafood on display

DGM Organics is the busiest and largest produce vendor

I love the Chinese sausage here. He also sells dried shitakes and fried pigeon.

Ilocos empanadas are a great hangover remedy

Down to Earth is a little bit hard to spot. They’re in the middle section and have incredible greens and herbs as well as local meats. This is where I bought my hibiscus flowers.

Grilled bangus, or milkfish, wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed with tomatoes and onion. This my favorite choice for a quick lunch to bring home from the market.

This is what I looked like before I hatched

Something Different has numerous varieties of stuffed pan de sal and the best kesong puti (white cheese) to be found







  1. Oh I must have just missed you! I was there today as well :) I always enjoy Salcedo market :) Love those Chinese sausages too…have you tried Rizal Dairy Farms Greek yogurt? My favorite yogurt in the city!

  2. What a wonderful market! I don’t remember this market when I lived in the Philippines many moons ago (left ’95). By the way, love that photo of you and your baby in the carrier. I have 3 kids and I always found it difficult to cook when there is a blob person in front of me…there quite a few sliced-finger incidents. Then I switched to a carrier that I enables me to carry baby on my back…ahhhhh….no more slice fingers and bacon splatters on naked baby skin! LOL!

    • Salcedo Market is awesome! You should check it out on your next visit to the PI.

      I always thought bacon fat was good for babies’ skin…

      Thanks for stopping by. BTW your financiers look delicous!

  3. If you’re into unrefined chocolate, there’s a stall that sells good cocoa tablea in that market. Raw, earthy, dark, bitter and smoky.

    You can ask one of the ladies of Salcedo Market to teach you how to make this thick and hot chocolate drink, great for stormy days which is right about now. Best when you use carabao milk as the base. Served in a demitasse and partner it with the best ensaymada you can find in Manila.

    Or, you can make your own churros instead.

  4. I’m planning to go to Salcedo Market this coming Saturday. What time do they open and close?

  5. Hey, great post! I’m from Cebu and haven’t visited the Salcedo market or Mercato Centrale. Could you please tell me the difference between the two and who’s been around longer? Thanks! :)

    • Hello and welcome! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve been battling spammers and finally beat them back.

      Salcedo Market and Mercato Centrale are quite different. Salcedo is more of a European or American style farmer’s market whereas Mercato is more of a street food market with some produce during the day. You should expect to pay slightly higher prices at Salcedo but that’s where many of the best food vendors in Manila sell.

  6. Kristin F. says:

    Hello there! I would love to check out Salcedo Market this coming Saturday, however I’d like to know if there are fresh herbs being sold there particularly Galanggal and Kaffir Lime Leaves (markut), or do you have any suggestions where I can buy these? thanks a lot and more power 

  7. Hi! Do they have the Morcon from Everybody’s Cafe in Salcedo Village? Thank you


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