Salt, Time, Smoke

About the Cook

Mr. D’s Artisanal

Mr. D’s was created to provide a better alternative to the processed meats and low quality foods in ample supply on the supermarket shelves. All of my products are hand crafted from natural, locally sourced ingredients. My food begins with a principle, that local chefs should support local farmers and select products from those who are the best stewards of the land they farm.

You have numerous options for fast food, but precious few for slow food. Slow-cured, slow-braised, slow-smoked or naturally fermented. No corners cut, no time saved. Please contact me at for inquiries and orders.


How did I get here? This is usually my first thought every morning. I’ll start from the beginning.

I’ve spent a lifetime or two in the restaurant industry in the US. I worked everywhere and did everything in the business starting as a busser in a crappy restaurant and ending with managing Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco. I learned a lot about human nature waiting tables, as well as a more than healthy dose of cynicism. In Vegas I learned how to cook eggs for 600 people working at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon. I learned a lot about food and booze and became a sommelier. I learned how to drink whiskey working in the kitchen.

I also traveled, a lot. My first time leaving the country (Canada doesn’t count) was when I moved to France when I was 24. I lived in Nice studying French for one year and spanned all of western Europe during that time. The bug had bitten and I came back for more. In 2003 I returned to Europe but Tuscany this time and studied Italian in Siena. Food and wine always influenced my itinerary heavily taking me to places like Burgundy, Champagne, Parma and the Basque.

My greatest ambition of the time was to go to a good culinary school which I did in 2006. I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu-Paris to study French cuisine. This is where I met my would-be wife, a Filipina. Strangely I enjoyed my first sinigang in Paris.

It’s more fun in the Philippines

This Site

So many blogs are little more than nourishment for the ego of the blogger, like a nobleman commissioning a statue of himself. This one is no different.

Why should you read then? There won’t be any damn cupcake recipes for one. There are plenty of media to see a vision of the world of food sterilized beyond recognition. My story is different and so is my world. I’ve done my time on the pirate ship that is the classic brigade kitchen and scratched and clawed my way up. My content will submerge you elbow deep in rendered animal fat and leave feeling dirty and used.

This site will be a reflection of this attitude from the perspective of an expat living in Asia. This will be a place to voice opinions without reserve, to teach and to learn. It will be a source for Filipino and foreign alike but it will not be for everyone.

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