Salt, Time, Smoke

An Update From Mr. Delicious

Life has been a nebulous series of distractions these last six months and I have left you, abandoned without a morsel of snobby food snark or mediocre food photography. I humbly apologize and shall return to this altar with a message of hope for the Manila food scene, for exciting things are at hand!

As many of you know, I began Mr. D’s Artisanal Sundries last year so that I could start making the kinds of foods that I like to make, and those that are often difficult to obtain here in Manila. Cured meats, sausages, pickles, I love to make the kinds of foods that require patience and those that are transformative with time.

I have been blessed with recognition for my foods, with the Philippine Wagyu Corned Beef on blogs and in print and more recently with the Applewood Smoked Bacon on

Now, aside from these happenings of Mr. D’s, there are a number of exciting announcements to come. So please stay with me as we move forward.


  1. Yay! Looking forward to what’s to come!! :)

  2. Marc says:

    Good to see you back…

    Speaking of pickling or pickles. You may want to have your own version of achara. Similar to taste – maybe a bit sweet – as bread and butter pickles but made of green papaya strings adding carrots for color. Could lessen the sweetness. There’s also green mango pickle, this more has a sour note but lacks complexity. You may improve on that too. Some even make radish or daikon pickles, bitter melon too.

    That bacon looks good! Maybe served with a bit if that pickled green papaya strings..

  3. Mark Tan says:


    My name is Mark, i am in the process of opening a new resto in Makati… I like to offer food with quality and integrity in execution… I came across your blog by accident researching the local fibe dining scene and like how you speak your hobest opinions… I too worked my way up in kitchens in the us, i was born here and moved when i was 16 and spent the next 18 yrs in tge states i hav worked and staged at my fair share of michelin and other noteworthy establishments… I am very interested in your applewood smoked bacon i hav been searching for a source the past 2 years, how can i order and also see what other products you offer?

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