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(Over)Indulging in Carmen’s Best Ice Cream

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It’s not hard to understand why people might be sick of all of the culinary buzz words used ad nauseum by obnoxiously self-congratulatory food bloggers such as myself. Artisanal, local, organic, free range, etc. etc. So why then, do people like me persist in tormenting you?

Maybe I like to torment you a little bit, but there’s also another far more important reason. Whether you agree with me or not this is a very important social movement of our times. As such it wouldn’t be much of a social movement if we didn’t talk about it.

I get really excited when I encounter a new product that represents these principles well. When I first tasted Carmen’s Best Ice Cream at the Salcedo Market the quality was self evident.

The first flavor I tried was the butter pecan. Not being a flashy flavor, it really showcases its raw ingredients. In any Carmen’s flavor, you can actually taste cream. Also if you leave it on your counter it will actually melt. Most commercial ice cream brands, with Selecta being one of the worst, have an enormous ingredient list which includes numerous emulsifiers and stabilizers which are there to prevent it from losing its form when it warms. Never trust an ice cream that doesn’t melt!

Rocky Road flavor from Carmen’s Facebook page

Owner Paco Magsaysay sources his dairy for both Carmen’s Ice Cream and Holly’s Milk from his family’s farm in Laguna. He uses natural ingredients and natural colors.

I conducted a very scientific taste analysis of Carmen’s rocky road with my 3-year-old son, Samuel. Our results were strikingly consistent.

Spoons are for losers

Carmen’s ice creams are richer and creamier than most. It’s made in old fashioned style, much like the ice creams I grew up on. The flavors are pronounced but not over-powering. As I diligently work my way through their entire flavor lineup, every one so far has been a win, and who doesn’t like winning?

Carmen’s Best is available at several pick up points in Makati, Pasig and San Juan as well as the Salcedo Market. For information check out their How to Order page on their website.


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  1. joey says:

    I’ve been meaning to try them! And rocky road is my favorite ice cream flavor in the universe, seriously.

  2. ana maria says:

    I agree wholestomachely!!!! Carmen’s Best is truly deeeelicious and most of all, natural and authentic!

    try it…you’ll like it !!!

  3. Vince says:

    Good, it’s not only me who doesn’t like (an understatement) ‘artisan’, ‘organic’. And you might want to include foodie as well.

    Only worst would be a burger food truck having a sign that says ‘our cows are vegan’, which by the way is real and it’s in, where else, L-effin-A.

  4. Maricar says:

    Will most definitely patronize the shop once we make a trip in Manila. Cheerio ❤

  5. Mindy says:

    “Never trust an ice cream that doesn’t melt!” I love it! I may just start saying that out of the blue. Never trust an ice cream that doesn’t melt!!!

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