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Nolita, 8,000 Miles East of Little Italy-Taguig

It’s like being in New York, except the guy across the counter isn’t Middle Eastern

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2nd Level, Bonifacio High Street Central


They were indeed fond memories brought back to my mind entering Nolita. 3 a.m., wandering the streets if Manhattan after visiting three or four bars, the hunger begins to hit. It’s time to make some bad decisions. That’s when it appears, a glowing mirage of reddish-orange grease and semi-coagulated cheese, incubated under high-voltage lights to perfect danger zone deliciousness. This is New York style pizza and I’m drunk. I’ll take two please.

This time around was a little different. In the newer portion of High Street in the Fort, the location has more resemblance to Disney Land than New York. Also I was sober.

Nolita offers seven different varieties of pizza, all by the slice. The slices are huge and loaded with toppings, just like it should be. There’s an efficiency to there ordering system that I would love to see in more Manila eateries. You simply line up, order and sit down and wait for your food. Casual joints like this don’t need waiters to complicate and screw things up.

We had three different kinds of pizza, two of which were nothing short of deadly. The Chicken Parmesan Pizza is a brilliant idea. Chicken on a pizza is just boring, unless you bread it and fry it first! Then there was the Cheeseburger Pizza. Another great idea, but it would have been better with bacon (do I have to think of everything?) We rounded out our third choice with the more sophisticated mushroom, goat cheese sort of thing so we could pretend for a moment that we weren’t disgusting gluttons, and of course onion rings.

Despite interesting toppings, it’s the crust that makes or breaks pizza and they nailed it. It’s a great NY style, a little bit chewy, a little bit crispy and perhaps most importantly, foldable. In true New York fashion you fold the slice lengthwise to contain all of the toppings when eating it.

The Chicken Parmesan was awesome and that will bring me back. The onion rings were also done perfectly. They were crispy and the batter adhered properly to the onions.

The menu also includes burgers, sandwiches and “grub” but I don’t see ever gong for anything but the pizza. Drinks include imported sodas and craft beers.

If the only competition in town is to be the like of Shakey’s and Yellow Cab, Nolita will firmly secure its niche in the Manila food scene for a long time to come, and rightfully so. So far this is my number one.


  1. joey says:

    I love their mushroom, walnut, and cheese! That’s actually the pizza that lured me back :) And yes, their onion rings too!

  2. Vince says:

    Great find! And the topping combo sounds interesting. Check it out when I’m in town – for Thanksgiving maybe.

    Surprisingly, Manila has decent pizza even the small chain Cantinetta, though not NY style. Caruso had good pizza, too. A bit crispier. And their Spaghetti Nero is fantastic.

  3. Katrina says:

    Those must be the most perfect onion rings I have ever seen! The pizzas look a little less browned than I’d like, but I still want to check this out soon — as an avowed pizza addict, I must! Have you tried Gino’s Brick Oven? It’s Neopolitan style, so it’s different from this, of course, but for now, it’s my Number One. I can’t think of anyone in Manila who makes better crust than their blistered, charred, toothsome version!

  4. Chinkee says:

    Yes, the pizza at Nolita is AWESOME. And I love it that they serve craft beer- the mushroom and blue cheese pizza with Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout is a favorite pairing:-) If you find yourself in Tagaytay, you might want to check out Amoroma. The rest of the menu has deteriorated since the Italian owner passed away, but the pizzas are still phenomenal. I love the 5-cheese pizza:-)

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