Salt, Time, Smoke

Cashew Crusted Leg of Spring Lamb


For updates like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! In wishing a happy Independence Day to all of my friends here in the Philippines, I decided to showcase some of the best local agricultural products from right here in the … [Continue reading]

8 Years and Going Strong at the Salcedo Market

BBQ smoke rises on Leviste

For updates like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Salcedo Market Jaime Velasquez Park between Leviste & Tordesillas Streets Salcedo Village, Makati Every Saturday 7am-2pm I was invited by the organizers of the Salcedo Market … [Continue reading]

Cooking Basics-Making Fresh Stocks


 For updates like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Called fonds de cuisine in French, fresh stocks are the lifeblood of any good restaurant. They are the foundation upon which flavor is created and refined. In 1903 Georges Auguste … [Continue reading]

CSI Night at Enchanted Farm Cafe-Quezon City


For updates like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Enchanted Farm Cafe 463 Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City 0932 872 2427   Last night I had a the opportunity to attend the CSI night at Enchanted Farm Cafe in Quezon City. I couldn't … [Continue reading]

French Food for the Soul-Beef Bourguignon

Caramelized oyster mushrooms

For more updates, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! I told you I am a confessed francophile and I stand before you unapologetic. This one is a fundamental of French cuisine, much like coq au vin or escargot. Beef Bouguignon was … [Continue reading]

Dough 102 Pâte Brisé (Pie Dough)-Quiche aux Poireaux


For more updates like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter It's just a leek quiche. Looking at the title of this post it would be reasonable to ask "what's with all the French, you dick?" Couldn't I just say pie dough? Though I am a confessed … [Continue reading]

Dough 101-Pizza Dough


Making your own doughs can be a rewarding endeavor, when it goes well. Most are a little intimidated by the process so we will start with one of the easier doughs to work with: pizza dough. Making your own pizza from scratch is a solid party trick … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Bloody Mary


You wake up late, your eyes are blurry and your head feels like you spent the evening prior at Rammstein concert. Getting up your stomach turns in protest. Hazy memories rush in. You recall tequila shots at 2:00am sounding like a good idea at the … [Continue reading]

Zucchini Blossom and Kesong Puti Fritters


This was a really simple but good appetizer I made my friends Dwight and Mylene at when they came to visit last night. Zucchini flowers are widely available right now in the markets and the kesong puti (a Filipino white cheese, similar to … [Continue reading]

11 Steps to Begin Cooking like a Pro


It's time to demystify what happens behind closed doors in great restaurants. Have you ever been inspired by what you ate in a really nice restaurant? Then you try to impress your friends replicating this wonderful dish only to come up flat. Even … [Continue reading]