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Philippine Wagyu Corned Beef

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Today my friends at ran a contest for my Philippine Wagyu Corned Beef featuring Kitayama beef. I am in the process of launching a brand, beginning with my corned beef, of locally sourced cured meats and pickled foods called Mr. D’s Artisinal.

I have always been an advocate of local agriculture, wherever local may be for you. In my case it’s the Philippines, so as long as I’m in the Philippines I will support Filipino farmers. Kitayama beef is raised in northern Mindanao and the cattle are a cross-breed of Japanese cows and native. This is the same beef that is served in Malcolm’s and is outstanding quality.

My corned beef is made from the brisket cut which is cured for one week then is available as is or slow-cooked for five hours. I spent one month perfecting the recipe before letting the public try and I am quite proud of it. I think you’ll all love it.

This combined with the expertise of Photo Kitchen has made this quite a success. My inbox lit up like a Christmas tree with orders. I will try my best to keep up with demand but I ask your patience while I kick my production into high gear. I will provide some general ordering information below for your reference while I catch up with emails.

So I will get to work. Thank you for supporting my product and Philippine agriculture!

Order Information

Mr. D’s Artisanal Philippine Wagyu Corned Beef       p475/500g -or- p925/kg

  • It is currently out of stock but will be available again on Thursday 7/19
  • It is available raw or slow cooked (some weight loss will occur during cooking)
  • Right now it is available for pick up only in Salcedo Village or Dasmariñas Village, Makati (delivery available soon!)
  • Please email me for orders-
  • Also please bear with me as I increase production. Supplies are limited.


  1. Sweet 😀 !!! OK will join the contest. In the event that I don’t win, I’m buying some very soon

  2. Looks and sounds amazing! I love corned beef made this way…I will order soon! :) Or will try to win some for free through the contest! :)

  3. Hi , by any chance your using sous vie cooking the corned beef? Will order as soon as I get back on my toes after my child birth. Joined the contest and crossing my fingers . :)
    By any chance you sell raw kitayama beef?

  4. Annette Abrogar says:

    This is sooooooo delicious!!! :)

  5. Corned Beef using Phil Wagyu.. Oh my! I’m sure that is incredibly delicious.

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