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Revolutions in Brewing-Katipunan Craft Indio Pale Ale

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I finally made it to the Collective on Malugay last week. If you haven’t been already it’s worth checking out if for no other reason than the cool urban art on the walls inside.

Essentially the Collective is a large warehouse space subdivided into smaller units which serve as an incubator for small, independent businesses. Up front there are a number of restaurants. Toward the back on the right side of the is Ritual. This is where I found my take away souvenir, Katipunan Craft Indio Pale Ale.

I have been wanting this for some time, an alternative to the perfectly mediocre San Miguel dominance of the Filipino beer scene. I don’t particularly dislike San Miguel, and do consume my weight in it on a fair regular basis. But there hasn’t been an active micro-brewer to represent the Philippines.

It’s a well-crafted beer. Balanced, a little hoppy and full-flavored. It made me want for a steaming pot of mussels and fries… might need to make this happen.

So here it is. I saw on Twitter that they are fermenting an Oatmeal Stout and that news makes me happy. Support them! Here’s their Facebook page and Twitter profile.

I don’t think they produce a huge amount of this beer, but now I’ve discovered it. I can only hope there’s enough left for the rest of you.

The Collective

7274 Malugay



  1. nice! how much does it go for?

    would you believe there is a czech micro-brewery on JP rizal right beside the city hall?

  2. been dying to go but ive never had the opportunity.–microbrewery/4e7488aa814ddff25ec4b579

    i saw it last december. im hoping its still there. :) do let me know if you get to try it out.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, glad to hear you enjoyed the beer :) just to add, we’re also available at Sa Kanto in Podium (Mandaluyong).

    We’re also very interested and looking forward to trying your wagyu corned beef!

  4. Have you tried the newly launched Don Papa Rum? It’s made of sugar from Negros, and is a small-batch, artisanal rum. I do love my Tanduay, but this is on a different level altogether — it’s the only rum I can drink just on its own. Lovely vanilla aroma, smooth on the palate and throat. Very cool packaging, too!

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say: THANKS for posting about Katipunan! I hadn’t heard of it before, so I’ve got to look for it now. I just wish they were available in more places, especially bars. I saw on their Fb page that it’s out of stock in Ritual, and Podium’s not very near me.

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