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Whiskey Sours, No Bar Equipment, No Problem

The first time I ever tried a whiskey sour I wondered why anyone would ever drink something so cloying and disgusting. I was probably somewhere really crappy, like TGI Friday’s and I certainly didn’t know any better. Cheap well whiskey with high fructose corn syrup-charged sour mix and a clever garnish of maraschino cherry wrapped in an orange slice. It’s as though it was created to be loathed.

It wasn’t until moving to San Francisco that I started to warm back up to this cocktail. Now it has become one of my favorites. Like so many other things we eat or drink, if you treat it with a little respect you will get much better returns, and probably less hangover. Use fresh citrus and good whiskey and don’t forget the egg white.

2 oz. whiskey (usually made with Borubon or rye, I like Jameson)

1 oz. simple syrup or 1 tsp. superfine sugar

3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice

1 egg white

1 dash Angustura bitters


If you have all the proper equipment, you will begin by adding all of the ingredients except the ice and bitters into a cocktail mixer. Shake until the egg becomes frothy. Now shake with ice until nice and cold. Strain into a cocktail glass and finish with a dash of bitters.

The egg white imparts a creamy, frothy texture like a cappuccino. Yes, the egg white is raw but you will probably survive. It’s probably not the most dangerous thing you will consume today.

Now here’s the variation I did since I had a quart of delicious Ohio maple syrup freshly smuggled from the States. Be sure to adjust the proportions to your taste. Ideally it shouldn’t be too anything. The base flavor should be whiskey, accented with citrus and maple syrup.

Jeremy’s Maple Leaf

2 oz. Jameson

1 tbsp. maple syrup

3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice

1 egg white


Undaunted by a complete lack of available bar equipment, I tackled the problem like a cook. The frothy egg whites are essentially the start of a meringue. A meringue is made with a whisk.

Add all ingredients except the ice to a mixing bowl and whisk until frothy.

Pour into a glass and stir with ice until very cold. Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy and repeat.


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